Welcome to Teknophilia!

Welcome! This is the brand new Teknophilia website, which I’ve made after spending a year on wordpress.com. My old blog still lives there, but I’ve taken down the articles and put up a link to this new blog. I’m sure a lot of you came here because of that redirect, so you’ll also have to re-subscribe by using the newsletter box on the sidebar –>.

I decided to make the switch to a self-hosted site because it’ll allow me to give you a better experience, and to do things that wordpress.com just doesn’t allow.

This site is not quite complete, but is more than ready for the public. I’ll also be writing a few more posts that will show off some of the new features on the site, and asking you for opinions and suggestions.

Thanks for stopping by!

Part II: Teknophilia Site Features

About teknophilia

I’m passionate about technology (technophilia), especially human-computer interaction, simulated intelligence, and nanotechnology. I think everyone should be able to take advantage of – and express themselves through – this amazing medium we call technology.

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  1. Looks great here. I just lost all of my links to your old content today so I had to do some sniffing around. Congrates on moving up!


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