Teknophilia.com is now Live!

Moving Tip #28
I’ve finally finished most of Teknophilia.com, so please head on over and see for yourself. There might be a few minor adjustments made over the next few days, but what you see is likely the finished product. I’ll be releasing a series of posts over there highlighting some of the new features, as well as introducing a brand new TekBlog Coalition member! And don’t forget to let me know if there’s anything you’d like to change or add to the site, now is the best time to make your opinions heard.

Thanks for keeping up with my WordPress.com blog, and welcome to my new site!

[picture] Moving Tip #28 by RBerteig

About teknophilia

I’m passionate about technology (technophilia), especially human-computer interaction, simulated intelligence, and nanotechnology. I think everyone should be able to take advantage of – and express themselves through – this amazing medium we call technology.

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